Registration for our Summer Camps for kids (1st graders and up) opens late January and you must be on our mailing list to be first to get the registration link.  Some camps fill up within hours, so be on the lookout for the schedule that will hit your inbox in January.

2023 Camp Update: Most camps are full as indicated on the registration form.  You can fill out a registration form to be added to the waitlist.


CAKESTRAVAGANZA CAMP is perfect for kids who love to cook, bake, use their hands, be creative, artistic and have fun with friends.  For all camps (other than the level 2 camp), no experience is necessary, but baking and cake decorating requires patience and practice, so this camp is best suited for kids who have the interest, want to try new things and are able to sit still for long periods.  We will introduce your child to the wonderful world of cake in the most delicious and fun ways possible!

Each day we will bake something delicious and introduce your child to lifelong skills that can be used to make sweet, edible creations of their own.  We will focus on proper measuring, mixing, piping, fondant and decorating techniques while allowing for the creative freedom that this age group craves.  All finished products will go home with the campers each day, so get ready for a summertime sugar rush!  Cleaning and dish washing is also an important part of baking that will be practiced regularly (and made fun!).  Kids will enjoy a fun hands-on experience that may spark a lifelong love of cake decorating!

Allergies: Nuts are used in The Bakement, but we take careful precautions to prevent cross-contamination. If a child has a nut allergy, there will be no nuts used during their camp week. Please notify us of any allergies on the registration form.
NEW!  GLUTEN FREE OPTION FOR CAMPERS: Note the GF request at registration and add $15 per day of camp to payment.  All gluten free cakes will be baked ahead (not during class) for your child to decorate and take home but they will participate in the baking of wheat flour cakes. Your child must be able to tolerate skin and air exposure to wheat flour.

CAKESTRAVAGANZA CAMP  for rising 4th – 6th graders 
9:00 – 2:00

Session 1: June 5 – 8       Theme: Far out Fantasy

Session 2: July 17 – 20    Theme: Floral Fun

Session 3: July 24 – 27    Theme: Furry Friends

Monday: Introduction to Baking and Decorating – Learn how to read recipes, measure ingredients and mix cake batter, and an introduction to pastry bag and piping skills.  Kids will decorate and take home a box of 4 cupcakes.

Tuesday: Chocolate Day – Learn the basics of working with chocolate. Students will break off into small groups for more independent baking experience to bake their layer cakes for Wednesday.   Learn to layer and crumb coat a mini chocolate cake with white chocolate ganache, then glaze with warm dark chocolate ganache.  We’ll get to play around with chocolate to create chocolate planets (Session 1), realistic roses and leaves (Session 2) or an adorable puppy face for their mini cake (Session 3). Save room for a decadent dessert on this night!

Wednesday: Layer Cakes and Fondant- This day will be a break from baking so that kids can focus on the artistic part of cake making!  They will color, shape, mold and cut out designs with fondant, a versatile medium that can turn a basic cake into a work of art. Kids will also learn how to torte, fill and crumb coat their own 6″ round cake, then decorate it using fondant and buttercream. Campers will also be assigned to their team and start to make plans for the big Cupcake Wars competition!

Thursday: Cupcake Wars! Teams compete to create the best cupcake.  Finish the day with a scratch-made pizza party and the judges table.  Each camper may invite a friend or family member to be a blind judge and vote for their favorite cupcake creation!


9:00 – 3:00


Session 1: June 12 – 13  Theme: Summertime (rising 4th graders and up)

Session 2: June 14 – 15  Theme: Americana (rising 6th graders and up – ADULTS WELCOME)

Day 1:  Buttercream focus – Bake cakes and learn to torte, fill and ice with buttercream. Learn the proper way to use a piping bag and finish off the cake with a fun design.

Day 2:  Fondant Focus – Break off into small groups and bake cupcakes in a variety of flavors.  Learn all about fondant, then mold and cut out creative fondant cupcake toppers.  Decorate cupcakes and eat one at the end!

LEVEL 2 CAKESTRAVAGANZA CAMP for rising 6th through 9th graders

*Participation in a previous FGC class/camp is preferred and prior baking/decorating experience at home is highly recommended.  This camp is suited for kids who are passionate about cake/cupcake baking and decorating!

2 mini sessions + CUPCAKE WARS
Monday – Friday (a la carte)
9:00 – 3:00

Session 1, Focus on Buttercream: July 10-11, $260 

Monday: Cupcake Bouquets – Learn all about piping beautiful buttercream flowers and create a mini cupcake cake jar bouquet.

Tuesday: Bake cakes and learn to torte, fill and ice with buttercream using food coloring to create a modern“watercolor”design.  Learn the proper way to use a piping bag and finish off the cake with buttercream rosettes and unique cookie toppers if time allows.

Session 2, Focus on Fondant: July 12-13, $260 

Wednesday: Customize the inside of your cake with your very own creative flavor profile and learn to work with fondant to create fun designs that can be applied to your 6″ round cake layer cake.

Thursday: Dessert Imposter! – Kids will learn how to turn our delicious chocolate cake into a giant, realistic taco! We’ll also make real homemade tortillas and create a taco bar for lunch.

CUPCAKE WARS: Friday, July 14, $130

 (must be also signed up for Sessions 1 and/or 2, pizza lunch provided)

Kids will team up and create their own creative cupcake to win in best taste and presentation. There will be a surprise twist in the middle of the competition to keep these advanced bakers on their toes!  Each camper may invite a friend or family member to arrive 30 minutes early to participate as a blind judge and vote for their favorite cupcake.

SIGN UP FOR THE FULL WEEK:  July 10 – 14: $595 (discounted rate)

Full week level 2 campers will be added to FGC’s “junior chef list” and with proven skills and passion, will be called on for teen helper volunteer positions or future employment opportunities in The Bakement.

JUNIOR CAKESTRAVAGANZA CAMP for rising 1st -4th graders

Session 1: Monday, June 19 – Thursday, June 22

Session 2: Monday, July 31 – Thursday, August 3

9:00 – 12:30 (no lunch break)

Each session includes cupcake, cookie and cake baking and decoration, introduction to buttercream piping and rolled fondant, and finally ending with CUPCAKE WARS on Thursday (with the assistance of teen helpers)!  It doesn’t get any sweeter!

Extended Day for our Junior Campers

(sign-ups will be offered after the camps have filled)

12:30 – 3:00, $25 per day

Led by 2 enthusiastic 8th grade girls, this will afternoon camp will include a lunch break and will provide more play-time for campers to enjoy outdoor games and activities, arts and crafts, music and dress-up.

Space will be limited to 6 campers and offered to those in the order that registrations are submitted.  Sign-up opportunities will be provided after registration.